Removing Disputes

Just like your reputation precedes you, remarks on your credit report have a huge impact on how lenders will attend to your credit requests. 

Federal laws guarantee all consumers the right to dispute credit report information they deem inappropriate or incorrect, and this action does not negatively affect your credit score.

At Cosmo Credit Repair Services, our credit report dispute process involves engaging with credit bureaus to find solutions to inaccuracies in your credit information. We work as promptly as we can and communicate with you as the process unfolds. Our dispute service is seamless and ensures that you stay on favorable terms with your lenders while improving your credit score

Resolving your credit disputes in the right ways allows you to qualify for homes, loans, refinances, and more. Many lenders require that all unsettled disputes on your credit report be solved before you can have access to their services. If you’re having problems getting your lending applications through due to disputes, we can assist you in quickly getting those disputes out of the way so you can secure the finances or mortgage you need.

With our experience and vast connections, we are able to get disputes removed from your credit reports quickly and without difficulty.

When you’re ready to go ahead with the dispute removal process, we contact the credit bureaus through email, by phone, or fax on your behalf. We detail your issues and leveraging your rights to request the removal of disputes reflected on your credit report.

We dedicate a personal dispute advisor who will assist and guide you through the dispute removal process. We simply help you make the best out of your credit so you can be more financially free.