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Our credit repair service is helping our partners gain more clients, deliver lending solutions, and scale business efficiency. Partnering with us means you no longer have to turn away prospects whose credit score is below requirement.

At Cosmo Credit Repair, we take care of our affiliates by allowing you to keep track of your referred clients’ improvement as we work with them. With our dramatic results, proprietary improvement tracking solutions, and fast service turnaround, you’ll wonder what you’d do without us.

Approximately 70% of the American credit market is in need of credit improvement. This means that a good number of people coming to you for one credit need or the other will have a less than perfect credit score. Our credit repair affiliate program is an opportunity for you to convert them into business clients.

Time and again, companies and agencies are choosing to work with Cosmo Credit Repair not just because of how quickly we work but also how well we take care of their clients and get them moving forward to close that deal.

Our aim as a full-service credit repair company is to see your clients achieve their dream of owning a house, starting a business, financing one project, or the other.

It’s time to put money in your pocket instead of sending it away. If you’re looking to turn in more loans for you and your company, look no further; our aggressive credit repair solution is all you need.

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