1. How long does it take to repair my credit?

The duration of your credit repair depends on your credit situation and personal goals; after our free consultation with you, we can better advise on the duration of our credit repair service.

2. How much does your service cost?

We do not offer fixed prices for our credit repair service; our service cost is tailored to meet each client’s credit repair needs. After our free consultation, we provide a personalized cost plan for the service we’ll provide.

3. How does your service guarantee work?

We offer a risk-free service backed by a money-back guarantee, so you can work with us without any fear of whether or not we will deliver on our promise. If for any reason, we are not able to increase your credit score by at least 50 points, we will refund your money completely.

4. What do I need to begin the credit repair process?

Firstly, you schedule a free consultation with us; then, after your needs have been assessed, we assign a consultant to you who will see to the entire process of repairing your credit. We will require a tri-merge of your credit reports, a means of identification, and initial payment for our services decided after consultation.

5.How long does it take to see results?

Because individual credit repair needs differ, the time it will take to see visible results on your credit score may also differ. On average, it takes about 30 – 45 days to start seeing a clear improvement.

6. Who can see my credit report?

All your information and credit reports remain confidential, and only our credit repair experts have access to them so they can serve you. Your information will not be shared with any third party who isn’t directly involved in repairing your credit.

7.Can I get copies of the letters sent on my behalf?

Credit repair and dispute letters sent to the bureaus on behalf of our clients are the sole property of Cosmo Credit Repair. We, however, share updates on how the process is unfolding upon request by our clients.

8.What do your services include?

Our services include a range of credit repair and dispute settlement solutions for your credits. We carefully assess your needs through our consultation and personalize our credit repair services to meet and exceed your expectations.

9.How long do I have to wait for credit agencies to respond?

By law,  credit bureaus and agencies are mandated to investigate disputes and provide a copy of the corrected reports within 45 days from the date of submission.

10.Does moving to a new location stall the process?

Yes, it is important that you inform us of your intention to move out of the location currently stated on your credit reports so we can reflect on the change of address on the disputes we sent to the agencies. Not doing so will cause you not to see the results of our credit repair service.

11.How can I track the progress of my credit repair?

When you sign up for our services, you get access to our client portal equipped with innovative tools that allow you to stay up to date with the progress of your credit repair.

12.How will I know it works?

Verifying that we actually did our job is quite simple; whenever your credit reports are sent to you, you will notice the changes made and disputes resolved on the updated report, and it will also reflect as an increase in your overall credit score.

13.Is there a limit to the number of disputes?

No, at Cosmo Credit Repair, we have the resources to dispute as many claims as possible to ensure the process is fast and brings the best results.