Establishing lines of credit is important as it helps you get more benefits from the credit repair process. When you work with Cosmo Credit Repair, our team of credit professionals will assist you in establishing and maintaining good credit for better improvement in your credit score.
Why Establish Your Credit?
At Least 35% of the changes made on your credit score comes from your lines of credit. Whether or not you payoff your open line of credit on time determines the effects of your payment history on your credit score. Cosmo Credit Repair services will guide you through the process and help you open at least one credit card that reports to all three major credit bureaus Transunion, Experian, and Equifax.
Credit Cards Can Help Your Score
We advise all our customers to have at least one revolving line of credit. Having a credit card as a revolving positive line of credit allows you to roll over unpaid credit balance into the next month if not paid at the end of a billing period. Secured credit cards report to all three bureaus and are preferable for people with no credit or less than perfect credit as it gives a huge boost to your credit score if well maintained and used correctly.
Resources to Rebuild Score
Whether you're just a newbie to credit or trying to rebuild your credit score for better access to finance, you can count on our extensive knowledge, experience, and our network of partners who can assist you in establishing your credit. You don't have to live with bad credit, working with us means you get a comprehensive credit improvement plan and direct access to relevant institutions and agencies who can propagate the process of clearing up your credit issues in a timely manner. Schedule a free consultation now.